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Who We Are

Advancelab (ADL Interior) is a full service, interior design firm based in Singapore with regional offices.

Designing commercial spaces is our forte and we have built a reputation on achieving high end results for a discerning international clientele.

Advancelab crafts visual stories that become productive environments. Taking clients aspirations, diverse experiences as well as future needs, we design quality interiors that allow clients to fully express who they are and what the space means to them. 

Let us create extraordinary interiors supported by an underlying thread of sustainability and safe function. 

We are certified and accredited with following:

• Integrated Management System ;
   ISO 9001 (Quality)
   ISO 45001 (Health & Safety)

• Highest BizSafe Level Star rating by the Workplace Safety & Health Council (WSHC)

Building & Construction Authority (BCA)CR06 (Interior Decoration & Finishing Works) of L4 (up to S$7.5 mil)


Our Working Process


Searching for an ideal and conductive office space can prove to be quite a complex and tedious task. At ADL, we provide comprehensive pre-lease services to aid in your consideration and decision-making. ADL offers valuable tools such as establishing actual space requirements and building analysis to aid in your selection. 
It is our goal to help all our Clients develop a highly innovative, ergonomic environment that optimizes work performance and meets their functional and budgetary concerns.
ADL has knowledge in sustainable design that is inline with BCA Green Mark requirements.
We build the best facilities that meet your needs. Construction is about details, being thorough and meticulously planning our projects.
Mechanical & Electrical Design is something that we are very competent in. ADL builds frontline government level facilities and therefore bring a heritage of class leading engineering expertise. Imagine what we can do for you.
We provide assistance to help you move or setup your new facilities. We see it as part and parcel of ensuring it's all seamlessly managed.

At ADL, we adopt stringent occupational health and safety practices to ensure work is carried out in an injury- and illness-free environment.  
ADL adopt a holistic, well balanced approach to space planning, design development and construction with all levels of staff committed to the practice of green design. We have successfully helped clients achieve their desired sustainability certifications.


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